The inclusions are undoubtedly the most confusing part of the building process from the customers perspective. The word “from” is largely to blame for this confusion.

Many builders will quote the price of a house as “from” a certain price. The reason they do this is to attract your attention as these homes often appear as a bargain. Once you are emotionally committed to a design and have paid a deposit they inform you that things you assumed were included (like driveways, fences, etc) are in fact “optional extras”. Your bill subsequently spirals out of control and you end up either going well over your budget, losing your deposit or having to do the extra work yourself.

At Equity Build Homes, we take the confusion and guesswork out of the equation. We operate on a full turn key set of inclusions and a fixed price building contract. We also use high quality fixtures and appliances because we would prefer to spend a bit more and give you quality so you don’t have to pay to fix or replace things later on. Full turn key means you can literally move right in because everything is included, even down to the mailbox and toilet roll holders. All you have to do is mow a few weeks after you move in. Fixed price contract means that if we have a bill that is more than we allowed (for example – the price of timber goes up during construction or the painter takes an extra day than what we normally allow) then we absorb the cost rather than passing the bill onto you.

*Note – this does not apply if YOU make changes to the inclusions. For example, you are able to add a extra power points and things like that at a cost. We understand everyone likes different things and we are happy to include them for you.

Full Turn Key Homes