When designing a new home, one of the things that can easily get missed is ensuring that the design has enough storage. The obvious one that most homes come with in modern homes is the built in bedroom wardrobes and a small linen cupboard, but there are a lot more options to boost the space in your home.

As an example, you can extend your linen cupboard or put storage shelves in your garage. If you build a two story home you can turn your under-stairs area into a great storage room. You can even add second linen cupboard, one near the bathroom and one in the laundry – just don’t store your linen IN the bathroom (moisture in bathroom is bad for smell).

Make sure your built in robes have plenty of hanging space and shelving, including an overhead shelf and either nest shelves, drawers (or ideally both). If you are really clever, you can fit a small medicine cabinet behind your bathroom mirror and also have storage under your bathroom vanity.

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