When going about building a home there are two ways to go about deciding on a layout. The first of those is to pick a plan straight out of the Builders standard design range, which typically is good for investment properties as it is low fuss and the designs are often well thought out and cover a lot of bases.

The second option is to design something custom. The two ways to do this is to either adjust an existing plan or start completely from scratch. I can personally guarantee you that the “from scratch” option is a lot harder than it sounds. As someone who helps to come up with floor plans for a living, I can tell you it is quite challenging. For most people, looking at a plan on paper is little or no help when trying to visualise how it will look on completion.

If you do plan to design a home from scratch, keep these suggestions in mind:
• Don’t just design the home you want to live in. Odds are that at some point you will want to either rent or sell the home… so don’t do anything too weird.
• Make it functional. Open plan living areas, lots of natural light and central bathrooms are just some important aspects.
• Don’t skimp on storage areas. There is nothing worse than having not enough room in cupboards (linen or clothes) so make sure you have plenty of storage.
• Think about the orientation. Do not have your patio facing the western sun. The last thing you want is to be sitting on your balcony with sunglasses on because the sun is in your eyes. Make sure your windows are in the best possible place to catch the breeze.

Aside from this, there isn’t really any wrong answers.

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