One of the most intensely personal parts of the buying process I have found is the colour selections. For the purposes of this article, Colour Selections will refer to paint, flooring, and cabinetry (including benchtops). We will do something later on fixtures and fittings.

The most interesting thing I have found is how diverse peoples taste can be when it comes to selecting colours, and similarly how certain trends can be popular for such short lived amounts of time.

The most popular style in Australia right now is the “Hamptons” style of home – it features a fresh, airy palette of white-washed linens, natural textures, ocean inspired blues and freshly painted white timber finishes . It is a light style of home inspired by the architecture and decorating of holiday homes and buildings in the luxury seaside communities along the eastern beaches of upstate New York’s neighbouring Long Island.

The “problem” I see with this style of home is that the furniture that you need to maximise the look is quite specific. I would suggest lots of white furniture may not be the best for families with young children. Its not to say I wouldn’t do a house in this style – it is more that these are the sort of things that you need to consider when you select the colours for your home.

If in doubt, an interior designer is the best person to discuss your ideas when doing selections. Many tile shops have interior designers on staff and most builders should include a colour consultation with an interior designer.

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