If I had to pick what I would consider to be the the main way to distinguish between builders, it would be the inclusions – or what we refer to as the “specifications”. The specifications, along with the floor plan and general contract, form a building contract in its entirety… but that is a whole other handy hint topic by itself.

Not all builders are created equal, and this is never more apparent than in their base inclusions. The inclusions can make or break the quality, and drastically impact the price of the home. A lot of builders will use the word “from” in their pricing – which is something you should always be wary of. Many of them will start with an unacceptable level of finish and advertise a low, unrealistic price to get you in the door – only to “upsell” you to what we could call a minimum level of inclusions.

Some common examples of this include

  • Not having any forms of cooling (fans or A/C)
  • Having baton fluros (google them if you dont know what it is) as their standard lights – I have even seen specifications with no light bulbs included
  • Having no floor coverings (tiles or carpet) just bare concrete
  • Not including an alfresco area


When choosing a builder, don’t compare “price”. Compare value for money. Look at what the builder is offering and compare apples with apples.