As you may or may not be aware, the construction of a home is broken down into 6 main stages – which are quite clearly identifiable. These stages are:

Pre Construction
Practical Completion

Below I will explain a little more about what all of these stages mean.

Pre Construction:

As you can imagine, a fair bit of work goes into your home before it is even started. The first step is to turn your concept plans (blog 2) into working drawings which can be used for construction. Typically, concept plans just feature the facade and side/rear elevations, the floor plan and the site set out (how the plan fits on the block of land). The working drawings are much more complex and show things like Electrical Layouts, Landscaping, Drainage and Plumbing, and Cabinetry Plans (in addition to everything in the concept drawings). While the working drawings are being completed, you should be asked to complete a “colour selection” (blog 10).

Once this has all happened, the builder should have the Engineering completed for your slab, frame and drainage and also obtain covenant approval from your developer (blog 13). When all the components have been collected they send it off to be certified for construction.


When the construction is ready to start, there should be construction signage put up on site, and the site is prepared and surveyed. The drainage is installed and the slab is prepped and poured.


This one is pretty self explanatory. The frame and roof trusses are assembled on site.


The roof is installed along with the windows and glass doors. The house is also wrapped.


This is where most of the action happens. The external and internal walls are completed, and all the electrical, plumbing, tiling and whatnot happen. Typically the last part of this stage is the kitchen being installed.

Practical Completion:

Exactly as it sounds, this means the job is basically finished at this point. Note that PC is not the same as handover, it just means all your painting, carpets, and your externals (fence, landscape, driveway, etc) are all complete.

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