About Us


At Equity Build Homes we pride ourselves on giving great service to our clients. But what does that even mean? Well, there are a number of aspects that go into it.

First of all, local knowledge is key. Our local knowledge stems from years of experience in the Townsville Building Industry. Our Director, Wayne Lamont, personally supervises every aspect of construction of our homes from start to completion. Wayne’s hands on approach guarantees each home is delivered immaculately, efficiently and without unnecessary stress to our client. From Owner Occupier to Investor we know the local market and are able to develop home and land solutions that will give the buyer the returns for their investment, whether it be great capital growth or rental returns.

Secondly, technical knowledge allows us to deliver a great quality product. Every home is sited on each individual block, taking into account the aspect and prevailing breezes. Our energy efficiency rates are second to none which saves you money in the long term. We source only the best fixtures and fittings because we know if we spend the money on quality now, you won’t have to in the future. Thirdly, the ability to adapt to different situations, including issues that may arise during the building process. When we moved in Brisbane in 2016, it definitely took us a while to get used to the way things are done down south. Now that we have learned the ropes, we are able to apply our way of doing things to a completely new market.

Last of all, relationships are the cornerstone of our business. We have great relationships with land developers and sales agents all over Queensland. This allows us to access land in premium estates that some builders do not have access to. Even if we haven’t dealt with an estate before, our team will go out and build a relationship to make sure that your home is exactly where you want it. We have relationships with several partners in various industries, including but not limited to Developers, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners and Advisors, Insurance Brokers, Architects, Estimators, Buyers Agents and Investment Companies.

All that being said, we are nothing without our customers. We rely heavily on word of mouth advertising and repeat business. Equity Build Homes uses photographs of actual properties we have built for customers rather than Display Homes because we would prefer to show our clients exactly what they will get when they build with us, rather than showing off a product we have no intention of building for the customers.

Our hands on approach guarantees your home is delivered immaculately and efficiently